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Victoria Poncho – a satisfyingly quick knit!

The Poncho is a rectangle worked flat in Stocking stitch and rib pattern, with decreases for the neck opening. The sleeves are knitted on after main body is finished. It is easily adapted to fit all sizes and all instructions are given in the pattern.

This is a striking design that lends itself to unique colour combinations, drapes the body and is easily achieved by beginners, while offering enough interest for the more seasoned knitters alike.

The Poncho is knitted holding two strands of yarn together throughout. 1 strand of fingering weight yarn plus 1 strand of Kid Mohair. Perfect for trying out new hand-dyed yarns from Indy Dyers, or raid your stash!

You can be bold and colourful or classically understated, the choice is yours.

Now available as a single PDF download pattern by following the link here!

Have fun and please share your photos with me by tagging me @madewithloops and using hashtag #victoriaponcho, I would love to see your colour combinations.

Stay safe and take care! xx

Victoria Poncho

A couple of months ago Antje, (Wool the World), and I were having one of our woolly yarny conversations when the word Poncho was first mentioned. Antje said how much she loves wearing Poncho’s and how much she would like one made using her #frauenberlins yarn. “Ok I said, I design you one I said!”

A few days later a parcel full of Yarn was sent from Berlin to me in Wales and I began playing around with some ideas. Like all the different shades of the #frauenberlins yarn, we decided that the Poncho should have a nod to Berlin. A number of swatches and sketches later, chatting through ideas and more swatches, the Victoria Poncho was born and it is with great pleasure that I can introduce it to you today.

The Frauen Berlins yarns not only tell stories about individually well-known women from Berlin, to me they also represent colours of Berlin in many different ways. From the turbulent and colourful 1920’s, through troubled & divided times after the 2nd World War and finally re-unification & unity in 1990, Berlin has always been a melting pot of historic events.

The Victoria Poncho design was inspired by Berlin and the merging of cultures and events through history. Named after Victoria, the Roman goddess of Victory, who stands in her chariot on top of the Brandenburg Gate and is a symbol of unity by merging the former East and West Berlin’s together, the Poncho shows unity by merging two yarns together.
Draco, a 100% Merino Wool and Virgo, a fine 72% Kid Mohair/28% Silk Yarn, together these two yarns stand for luxurious warmth, giving you the feeling of being enveloped in the softest hug.

Refined and easy to wear, ponchos are an ideal garment for all seasons. They have been worn by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time and are now considered typical South American garments.

Victoria Poncho is a striking design that lends itself to unique colour combinations, drapes the body and is easily achieved by beginners, while offering enough interest for the more seasoned knitters alike.

Be bold and colourful or classically understated, the choice is yours!

Antje has put together some beautiful kits which include the pattern, or you can let your imagination run freely and choose your own. This is the way to her online store: Wool the World

Stay safe and take good care in these uncertain times xx

Cabaret Shawl – A New Pattern

Today I am super excited to introduce my latest design to you, the Cabaret Shawl.

Cabaret was inspired by the Musical and Film of the same title set in the city of Berlin in 1931. This was a time when political unrest racked the country, the economy had been destroyed, and millions of unemployed roamed the streets. Enter into this chaos an American cabaret dancer, working at the downtown “Kit-Kat club” where anything goes on the stage. Into this young dancer’s life come several characters such as a rich German politician, a young Jewish man struggling with his identity, an Englishman teacher from London, and of course the all-knowing, all-seeing Master of Ceremonies.

The triangular shaped shawls main design features are slip stitch patterns and I-cord edging. The upper body of the shawl is worked from side to side and then stitches are picked up at the lower edge. The lower shawl body is worked downwards with further shaping achieved by increasing at sides and centre of shawl.

The shawl comes alive through the use of the beautiful Pegasus Yarn. This yarn, exclusively dyed for Wool the World and named after famous women of Berlin, has fabulous drape, is super soft and is available in an array of stunning colours.

Take a look at the many beautiful Kit combinations Antje has put together for you, or choose your own favourites. The Kits comprise of 3 hanks of yarn plus the pattern and are EXCLUSIVELY available via Wool the World online shop until 19th October 2020, there is also a discount available until the 5th October.

Some of the Kit Combinations available

All in all a stunning shawl that is effortlessly elegant, fun and easy to wear, a real hommage to Berlin.

Antje and I are super proud to send this, our first collaboration, into the world today, as today is the 30th Anniversary of German Re-Unification. What better occasion to celebrate the launch of something beautiful!

We hope you like it and fall in love with it as much as we have.

Stay safe and take care xx

Staffin Socks – a new pattern

Hello lovely Peeps, how are you all?

I hope you are enjoying these last days of summer before we will all have to settle into our autumn/winter routines (well, Northern Hemisphere that is).

Why not start the journey into autumn and the colder time of year with a lovely pair of new cosy socks – hand-knitted of course!

Now is a great time to start preparing for cooler times ahead. With evenings drawing in and getting cooler, what better time to start thinking about cosy evenings knitting, either for yourself or gifts for friends.

September 15th – “This is the month of quiet days, crimson creepers and blackberries; of mellow afternoons in the ripening garden; of tea under the acacias instead of the too shady beaches; of wood-fires in the library in the chilly evenings.” (Elizabeth von Arnim 1866-1941 taken from the book Elizabeth and her German Garden first published in 1898 )

With all of this in mind, I have designed my Staffin Socks, a new pattern released this week.

Inspired by the sloping buttresses of the Trotternish escarpment on the Isle of Skye, especially the weirdly shaped rock pinnacles of the Old Man of Storr, the pattern is a mix of simple knit, purl and twisted stitches. The heel, using German short rows, and wedged toe shape with a gathered tip, fit the foot perfectly. Add to this Shilsdair’s beautifully hand-dyed yarn using local plants, the finished item does not disappoint, and you will have a super comfy pair of socks you won’t want to take off.

The pattern is available to purchase via my usual channels – you find links in the menu on the right.

I hope you feel inspired to make a pair and if you do, please tag me on social media @madewithloops or #staffinsocks.

Until soon, stay safe! xo.

September (enjoy a free pattern)

September stands for fresh beginnings and usually gives me a sense of purpose and a zeal for getting things done; this year it’s OK to not know what happens next. Living in the moment has been forced upon us but it’s something we can embrace.

The best thing about late summer is being outdoors whenever I can, but especially at the end of the day. Those unadopted hours as the sun goes down seem to stretch time – practically beckoning me to go for a walk or simply to sit on a bench with my knitting in hand and appreciate the season, accompanied by the dusk chorus.

Were you lucky enough to get some well-deserved cooling off with a few rain showers? At least that was the case in North Wales. Immediately there was this magic that all knitters know: The sky is overcast, rain is pounding on the window and this amazing cosy feeling sets in. The favourite knitting place is calling out loud and would like a new project on the needles. It doesn’t matter whether you are longingly looking towards autumn or would prefer to have summer knitwear on your needles, one can always find a reason to cast on something new.

Enter a yarn parcel from Berlin/Germany…

Antje, yarn enabler and fast becoming good friend, of Wool the World sent a gorgeous little something for me to try as we are planning some beautiful things together for the coming Autumn/Winter season.

Meet Lotte in Draco…

…and Fritzi in Virgo!

Both are part of the Frauen Berlin’s collection of Yarn’s which are exclusively dyed for Wool the World by Sabrina of Das Mondschaf.

Finger’s twitching I lost no time, wound my two beauties into lovely yarn cakes and started knitting.

Et Voila … a cosy little Neck-Poncho to keep the chill off during these early autumn days. What do you think? Would you like to make one too?

Here is how:

Approx. 50g Draco and 20g Virgo (held together throughout)

5.5mm needle – darning needle for sewing up – stitch marker

K – knit

Kf+b – knit first into the front and then into the back of same stitch

Sl1wyif – slip 1 stitch with yarn held in front

RS – right side/ WS – wrong side

St – stitch

Leaving a long tail for sewing up later, cast on 10sts and knit one row.

Row 1 (RS): K1, kf+b, k to last st, sl1wyif

Row 2 (WS): K to last st, sl1wyif

Place a marker to indicate RS.

Repeat these 2 rows until the straight left edge measures 40cm and the continue in garter stitch without increasing for a further 5cm.

Cast off on a RS row and weave in the end.

Seam the cast on edge (A) to the seaming edge (B) and then weave in the tail.

You are all done!

One hank each of Draco and Virgo make two neck-poncho’s, perfect gift for a friend in need of cosiness too.

Happy knitting and enjoy!

Until very soon, take care.

Heike xo.