A little FREE Crochet!

dear diary,

Every year in the lead up to Christmas I do so much knitting that afterwards I am a little needled out. It’s no surprise that I fancy doing something different and a little hooky time seems to be in order.

So last week I got my lovely colourful selection of this…


Colours of the rainbow (and more) – Rico Creative Cotton Aran

…a few of these,


any old jar will do

and started playing around. I don’t work a lot with Cotton Yarns, but for a little crochet it is always so perfect as it grows so quickly and the colours sing and shine whilst you work.

I started like this…


New beginnings

…which soon grew into this…

Colour round 2

about half way

Almost finished

almost there

…and after completing one, I got hooked and made a few more. I ended up with this little collection…

Finished 4

Bright and Cheerful

They brighten up my table and cheer me up during these gloomy days. I want you to be cheered up too, so why not have a go and make some. They really can be worked up in a jiffy, download the pattern for FREE by clicking here.

Happy hooking! 🙂

Cute Baby Crochet

dear diary,

Earlier this year my friend Jackie became a grand-mama for the first time. Sweet baby girl Tulci was born on 18 March all the way on the other side of the world in Australia.

It was hard for the brand new grand-mama not to be able to cuddle this cutie pie straight away, or indeed hug and congratulate the proud parents in person rather than just spirit. It was somewhat made easier by today’s technology of mobile phone instant picture messaging and skype and soon she was on a plane flying to Oz. As her ‘knitsister friends’ some of us knitted and crochet gifts to take along…

 Crochet Baby Blanket

Mouse Comforter

and even now after 6 months we feel the urge to constantly make baby things. So when Jackie showed me this new book she had bought,

Nicki’s fabulous book

I decided I just had to make something straight away. We bought some beautifully soft Rico Baby Cotton Soft Yarn, and crochet hook at the ready I made this

and this

I hope it will safely get to Oz and Tulci will love wearing it 🙂


My Granny Love

dear diary,

you all know that my first love is knitting, this has been proven many a time. However, I am also known to like a bit of crochet now and then and when it comes to using  Captain Hook, I like squares best of all.

Why?, because I can sit at the end of the day or in between boring chores and make them without thinking what I am doing too much. The other VIR (very important reason) is that I simply adore beautiful cotton yarn in delicious colours and all who know me also know that I am simply not the ‘I like knitting with fine cotton yarn person’ at all!!!! So what better way to use some of the loveliest scrummiest cotton and make lots and lots and lots of squares that will in turn become a useful something.

Have you ever wondered why these delightful squares are called Granny Squares? …well I have but it is almost impossible to find out anything about them really. This is all I know:

The Granny Square is a crochet technique that is used to make a  square fabric by working in rounds not rows. You start from the center and work outward and most crocheters make lots of small sized squares which they then assemble into blankets, cushions and more.

Multicolour granny squares are also an effective way to use up small amounts of yarn left over from other projects and for the basic granny square motif simple beginners crochet is all you need.

We all know that Granny Squares where all the rage in the 70’s but does anyone know how old they really are and when the first ever one of these little gems was made?

If you know more about the history of these little treasures…please let me know by leaving a comment!

Thanking you in anticipation 🙂

PS: I just found this link to another blog where you can read more about the history of the Granny Square: http://goodtimesithinkso.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/history-of-granny-square.html