bazaar cantasi – market bag a free pattern

Bazar Cantasi 1

I am in love! Oh yes, and to say that I am just a little chuffed with how this bag has turned out would be an understatement indeed. I truly adore everything about it! The colours, the stitch pattern, the size, the usefulness…well, simply everything!

It all started when I was given a rather large selection of Sirdar Cotton DK, a beautiful cotton yarn with the most gorgeous vintage feel and sheen to it. First I thought cushion…but soon changed my mind and ideas for a bag spun around in my head.

I love this type of market bag you can see people using mainly all around the Mediterranean, and I had long wanted to come up with my own version.

IMG_2830I also love V-Stitch patterns and it didn’t take me long to marry the two together. The bag grew quickly and pretty soon I was half way, loving every stitch I made.


I made sure to incorporate every colour I had been given into the bag, as they were all so yummy and far too lovely to leave any out, even the simple strap repeats this format. My friend Claudia decided it needed a finishing touch and voila…a free form flower was quickly made by her.

So it was all done and a name had to be found. You see, not only do I love this type of bag and v-stitch patterns, I also absolutely love Turkey and so the name Bazaar Cantasi was born – Turkish for Market Bag – hope you like it?


Would you like to make your own Bazaar Cantasi? I love to share my pattern with you…

You need a selection of DK mercerised cotton and a 4mm hook

Ch5, ss to form a ring

Rnd 1: Ch3 (counts as tr), 11tr into ring, ss to join (12tr)

Rnd 2: Ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr in same sp, 2tr into each st around, ss to join (24tr)

Working into spaces between stitches only from here

Rnd 3: ss into first sp, ch3 (counts as tr), 2tr in next sp; rep. from around, ss to join. (36tr)

Rnd 4: ss into first sp, ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr in next sp, 2tr in next sp, *1tr in each of next 2 sps, 2tr in next sp; rep. from * around, ss to join. (48tr)

Rnd 5: as Rnd 4, but 1tr in each of next 3 sps (60tr) – change colour

Rnd 6: as Rnd 5, but 1tr in each of next 4 sps (72tr)

Rnd 7: as Rnd 6, but 1tr in each of next 5 sps (82tr)

Rnd 8: as Rnd 7, but 1tr in each of next 10 sps (89tr) – change colour

Rnd 9: as Rnd 8, but 1tr in each of next 5 sps (104tr)

This finishes the base of bag.

Rnd 10: ss into first sp, ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr into each sp around, ss to join (104tr) – change colour

Rnds 11-13: as Rnd 10 (104tr) – change colour

Rnd 14: Work [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] in every 4th space around

Rnd 15: Work [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] in each 2-ch sp around – change colour

Continue working round 15, changing colour every second round until the bag is the size you desire. (22 Rnds in sample)

Then continue:

Rnd 1: Work 1dc into each tr around – skip 2ch sp’s.

Rnd 2: *1dc in each of next 3sts, skip 1st; rep. from * around

Rnds 3-7: Work 1htr in each st around

Fasten off and weave in ends.



Row 1: 1htr in 3rd ch from hook, 1htr in every ch along – turn

Row 2: Ch1, 1htr in each st along – turn

Repeat row 2, changing colour every 10 rows until strap is desired length. (50 cm in sample)

Attach strap to bag – You are done!

IMG_2831 2


Now step out with your beautiful new bag and have fun!

Enjoy! X.