Festive Teaser

dear diary,

I have started getting into a very festive mood these past few days. Every time I go out I can see more and more of these…

as the country is preparing for this weekends celebrations.

I have not been idle either and ‘done my bit’ in a small way…

Can you guess what it is? All will be revealed on Thursday!

The Humble Facecloth – a free pattern

dear diary,

sometimes the simplest things can make us most happy don’t you agree? This can surely be said about items we make our self or hand-made items we receive as gifts. I have received many such hand-made items from friends and family that I treasure far more than expensive bought gifts. Maybe it is the tought and time that has gone into making something by hand. As you think hard and deep about matching colour and texture favourites of the recipient, a hand-made gift almost always fits in well with surroundings and taste. It’s not about how large something is, or how much time it takes to make, often a small thoughtful item can bring the biggest joy.

One such item I give to you today in way of a FREE pattern. I love using soft face cloths at the beginning of the day to wake up and to remove the days dirt in the evening, and just like hand made dish cloths, hand made face cloths are much lovelier to use and last doubly long as bought ones. The added bonus is that you can make them in your favourite colours or to match the bathroom decor.

For mine I have used different yarns to see which one I like best. I used Rowan Revive (natural), KB Cotton (lilac) and Rowan Handknit Cotton and must say that I like them all equally but for different purposes. The one knitted in Revive is really good to use in the shower for a little exfoliation, whilst the other two are really very soft, a joy to wake up to. They make great gifts, don’t use a lot of yarn nor take long to make. Try adding a lovely piece of soap and give instead of flowers next time and see how much it will be appreciated.

Download the FREE Pattern now and enjoy making!

Eureka Moments

dear diary,

You know that feeling you get, when after weeks of research, trials and tribulations things suddenly make sense and fall into place. Well, I had just such a feeling a couple of days ago when I finally managed to find a way to add a purchasing button to my Pattern Sale page.

I wanted to make it as easy as can be for you to order Patterns directly from here and after a lot of digging I had a Eureka moment.

Sometimes you have to dig deep!

So I am happy to report that all patterns are now easy to purchase by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button which will direct you to Pay Pal for payment. You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay as there is an option to put in your credit or debit card details. After payment you will be send an immediate download link..that’s all there is to it, ‘Simples’!



The Knit Studio – Workshop

Dear diary,

On Saturday at lunchtime I got on a train and travelled to Newcastle upon Tyne to teach a workshop on Continental Knitting at my dear friend Anne’s yarn shop.

The Knit Studio

I don’t think that the term Yarn shop is quite right for this amazing Alladin’s cave of yarns, fabrics, books, notions, fibre and a whole lot more. This has got to be one of the most invitingly comfortable yarn shops there are. I don’t know of any others where the ceilings are so high you could abseil from them, or the sofas are so squishily soft that you don’t ever want to get up again…actually I don’t know of any other place that has huge sofas like this at all. It is enormously hard to leave again and I really want to have a sleepover upstairs (only to be reached by climbing a ladder) in the midst of all those yummy yarns that are stored there. But I digress…

I was there to teach 12 eager ladies how to knit continental style, and eager they were indeed.

Doing the Continental

more doing the Continental

Everyone was incredibly quick in learning the knit and purl stitch and before long needles were flying at quite some speed. Normally the day’s project doesn’t get started until after lunch, but not with this group. Oh no…they were on their way speedily and progressing well.

The Project

By the end of the day we had a few over half finished and beautifully knit cotton facecloths on the table. It is always a pleasure to teach but even more so when the group is so keen and doing so well. Keep practising girls, remember what we said:”A little continental a day keeps the boredom away!”.

Thank you all for making my day so enjoyable and thank you Anne for extending such a warm welcome and looking after us so well. I can’t wait to come back in October. 🙂

Colour Affection – my take!

dear diary,

having just finished my latest design, the Rügen Shawl, I needed a rest from mathematical formulars, tension squares and lace samples.

Rügen Shawl

I remembered Angelika, a German friend of mine, wearing a lovely shawl at Wollfest in Backnang and writing down the name of the design on a piece of paper. Of course I couldn’t remember where I put piece of paper in question but I had a vague recollection of Angelika’s mention of designer’s name and after Ravelry came to the rescue I found what I was looking for: color affection by veera välimäki. I realised that this was clearly one of those ‘MUST KNIT’s’ as approx. 12800 people have favourited it and about 2300 projects have been listed by Raveller’s.

I rummaged in my Stash and found plenty left-over yarn from my Baltic Coast Shawl,

Baltic Coast Shawl

beautiful Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Silk Mix 4 ply. I also found a couple of hanks of Debbie Bliss’s Andes, a lovely soft Alpaca/Silk mix, which I knew would be perfect to complement the two other colours.

I started knitting a week or so ago and the shawl grew quickly. As I never seem to be able to follow a pattern completely, always getting the urge to change at least one or two things, this project was no different.

Colour Affection - My Take

I didn’t do stripes and I changed the short row shaping slightly, but apart from that I was a ‘good girl’ and followed the pattern. The shawl was a joy to knit and is a great shape to wear, I can wrap it around my neck a couple of times due to it’s length.  As the weather is not set to be improving any time soon I should get quite a bit of wear out of it before summer arrives here in Wales.

Colour Affection - My Take