Inspiration Hunter – Gatherer

dear diary,

There is absolutely no doubt about it, some days are meant for whiling away time. You know the sort of thing I mean, it’s a lovely day outside…

but you are stuck indoors supposedly working on some design ideas. Only trouble is, no ideas are forthcoming…oh dear what to do?!?

My perfect remedy is to get my old pile of magazines out, start rummaging and ripping out pages that speak to me…

then a lovely autumn walk and on with some work 🙂


Blossom Wrists

dear diary,

The other day I was working in the studio on a brand new workshop topic. I had been swatching and typing for quite a while and I noticed how my hands had become very cold. I thought that I deserved a rest.

As I was sitting with a hot cup of tea in hand, my eyes got stuck on a hank of Noro Blossom peeking out from my stash.

I remembered my grandmama never having cold hands due to the fact that she almost always wore wristlets and I remember her telling me that if your pulse is warm your hands are warm too. It didn’t take a lot of convincing myself that I needed a break from workshop prep and do some knitting instead.

What better thing to make than a quick and easy pair of wristlets!, and what a perfect project for my beautiful hank of Noro Blossom. Add a small amount of Rowan Kid Silk Haze and voila…

no more cold hands when typing notes 🙂

Download the FREE pattern here!

The end of Summer

dear diary,

It is only about two weeks ago that I was walking with Max the dog wearing short sleeves and sneakers…

The sun was shining and the sky was blue, very blue…

The wild Orchids by the river were in full bloom…

and in my garden the last of the Roses were flowering…

That is now a distant memory as for the last week we have had a lot of…

as has most of the country. We were lucky, no flooding, but boy has it been grey and wet…simply grim!

So gone are the days of…

but look on the bright side, they will be replaced by a lot of…

Welcome cosy autumn with open arms, and enjoy!

Cute Baby Crochet

dear diary,

Earlier this year my friend Jackie became a grand-mama for the first time. Sweet baby girl Tulci was born on 18 March all the way on the other side of the world in Australia.

It was hard for the brand new grand-mama not to be able to cuddle this cutie pie straight away, or indeed hug and congratulate the proud parents in person rather than just spirit. It was somewhat made easier by today’s technology of mobile phone instant picture messaging and skype and soon she was on a plane flying to Oz. As her ‘knitsister friends’ some of us knitted and crochet gifts to take along…

 Crochet Baby Blanket

Mouse Comforter

and even now after 6 months we feel the urge to constantly make baby things. So when Jackie showed me this new book she had bought,

Nicki’s fabulous book

I decided I just had to make something straight away. We bought some beautifully soft Rico Baby Cotton Soft Yarn, and crochet hook at the ready I made this

and this

I hope it will safely get to Oz and Tulci will love wearing it 🙂


Afghan Finale

Dear diary,

Back in January when Riana Martin of Fibre & Clay in Knutsford and I first put our idea of an Afghan Knitalong to the test with you lovely knitter’s, we had no idea that the response would be so great.

Pat’s Afghan

The idea was that I would design new squares every month, this meant that some month’s there would be 2 new squares and some month’s there would be 4 to do. The squares were going to be a nice and easy size (30 x 30 cm) and we would use Aran yarn. This made them enjoyable to knit and also not a chore to sew up afterwards. All was to be finished with a simple border, a choice was given of a knitted and a crochet version to choose from.

Jackie’s Afghan

Valerie’s Afghan

Sam’s Afghan

Almost immediately we had about 12 knitter’s signing up and more joint during the first month. A small subscription fee bought the patterns and also included a monthly meeting to collect new square designs and have a general get together to exchange Knitalong gossip and get help. Everyone chose their own colour scheme as I didn’t want to impose my taste on anyone and a blanket needs to fit into everyones individual home decor.

Lesley’s Afghan

Heike’s Afghan

The photos here show about half of the finished Afghan’s as unfortunately not everyone was able to be at the great Afghan show and tell meeting. I am hoping to do another post with photos of the other beautiful finished blankets in the not to distant future, so watch this space!

Almost everyone chose to knit their Afghan with Aran yarn apart from Margaret. She decided that she loved Rowan’s 4ply Heritage Tweed so much that she chose to use this yarn instead. On show and tell day we were all totally gobsmacked when she got her blanket out of the bag…

Margaret’s Afghan & Cushion to match

…I think you agree, it is absolutely gorgeous!! A real Ta Dah moment and I am seriously thinking about making one myself 🙂