andalusia diary – 1



So we arrived in Andalusia after a very long day traveling and I have been trying to write my travel diary for the last few days. WiFi is pretty hit and miss here, so today you are getting a few day’s worth of photo’s all at once.

This holiday is mostly about watercolour painting being taught by one of “my man’s” favourite artists, Álvaro Castagnet. Álvaro is a wonderful artist from Uruguay, a great teacher and charming person with a most refreshing sense of humour. The group of 19 students much fun to be with and a great mixture of nationalities…Italien, Swedish, French, German, British, Canadian, American, Indian and South African…making every day fun filled and very interesting. I usually tag along, running errands and organising lunch for artist hubby, trying to squeeze in a little knitting here and there, as well as taking lots of photos. Lucky for me that Álvaro brought his better half along, Ana Maria and I are becoming firm friends sharing many of the same interests.

As you can gather, days are filled with a lot of colour and new inspiration at every corner, evenings are filled with a lot of vino and laughter. Any spare time we can be found leaving footsteps in the sand!


Enjoy! X.