…an Invitation

dear diary,


from my studio today

As you can see…Winter has returned with a bang. This morning we woke up to Blizzard like conditions with a wind so icy that wrapped up in three layers still had you shivering and even my tough ex-army man felt it was too much to stay out long. Max, my usually up-for-anything  Jack Russell took one look, stuck his nose out of the back door, looked at me as if to say:”You are kidding!!” and went back to his cosy bed by the radiator. I don’t blame him!!!

I feel a little cheerful colour is needed and what better than a whole box full of Rico Creative Cotton Aran and a crochet hook to warm up the heart…

Rico Box

friendly colour on a bleak day – rico creative cotton aran

Pile of Squares

a collection of squares

Stack of squares 1

week one

Some of you lovely people have left me kind comments here on the blog, on my Instagram and Facebook about the ‘A square a day’ huggable homely blanket I am making for ‘my girl’ and some of you have asked if I will publish or make the patterns available somehow as you are feeling the urge to join me in this blanket quest. I have pondered, thought and pondered some more about it during which numerous cups of tea and some chocolate biscuits were consumed and have decided the following…

Week 2

week two

The Homely Blanket Quest

I try and come up with a different square every day (Sunday is my day of rest), most are my own twiddles but some have been tweaked and added to from other designs. They are not all the same size and the fun of assembling will come at the end. It would be an utterly irresponsible of me to promise that I can manage to write them up every day on here (so I won’t promise that!) but I can promise this:

I will make 2 designs per week available for FREE on this blog . I will add a new Category on the right hand side under categories called ‘The Homely Blanket Quest’ so that you can easily find the square patterns. All you have to do is come and visit the blog to see if a new one has been posted, leave me some comments about your progress, what yarn you are using, who you are making it for and generally how you like the designs, I really love to hear from you.

Hopefully this will make you rummage in your stash for the yarn that you want to use and go in search of a compatible crochet hook over the weekend.

The Quest will commence on Monday 25 March 2013, be there to be Square 😉

Week 3 Collage

week three