amsterdam travel diary



A sad farewell to Claudia and before I knew it I was on another plane headed for Amsterdam and a long awaited meeting with my long time Instagram friend Marianne.

After a very short time in the air, pick up of luggage I was greeted by Marianne with that big beaming smile that we all love so much. Big hugs and well…the rest is history as they say. We instantly felt as we have known each other forever and haven’t stopped talking since my arrival. I was welcomed into Marianne’s family with warmth and affection, and conversation, as well as the wine, were flowing easily from the start.

Yesterday we took a trip to Wolplein (Wool Place) where we met Maaike ( for some coffee, exchanging stories and of course yarny goodness. The wonderful Ladies at Wolplein surprised us all with a huge box of cotton yarn to take home. (More about that in another post) Time went way too quickly and soon it was time to leave.

Thinking I was going to spend a few hours of quiet crafting with Marianne at her canal cabin, I had the biggest surprise, when on being dropped off by lovely daughter Quinn, seven wonderful creative ladies were waiting for me. Having known most of these creative souls for a long time on Social Media it was lovely beyond words to meet them in person. Marianne’s cabin by the canal being the picture perfect setting, a fun evening was had by all with lots of laughter.

As always it all came to a close too soon and farewell’s were said with the promise to do it again soon. Happily I fell into bed.



I want to thank everyone for making in many cases very long journeys to be part of one of the most fun evenings, for being so generous with all your gifts and a huge big thank you to Marianne for organising it all. I am truly touched and thankful. Friends are precious and I am lucky to have found you, a real soul mate.

More excitement today as we are having lunch with Michelle (





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