a square a day

dear diary,

unfortunately I have spent another week gripped by the Norovirus (sadly the non-yarny variety!). Yet another week were I didn’t manage a lot of real serious work, as charts and keeping track of writing design notes just didn’t seem to work well. My concentration seems pretty much blown out of the window in the midst of all these germs, I even had to miss my second quilting day and am now way behind with the second block.

On a more cheerful note, we have had a few lovely warm and sunny days and it feels as if spring really is just around the corner now.


spring is in the air

As I didn’t manage to work on the new book very much this week and actually didn’t really feel like knitting a lot, I started on a project that I have had in my mind for quite some time. I want to make something that ‘my girl’ can take away with her when she leaves home (only just over a year away). Something that will remind her of and give her comfort of home, something into which I can loop a lot of thoughts and memories that will go on life’s journey with her.

I started on Tuesday…

5 March 13

5 march 2013

…followed by Wednesday…

6 March 13

6 march 2013

By Thursday I was getting really hooked on the idea…

7 March 13

7 march 2013

and I have ordered myself more of this cotton yummyness called Rico Creative Cotton Aran which I think is perfect for making soft blankets  and doesn’t break the bank.

This is today’s…

8 March 13

8 march 2013

…and I have one prepared for tomorrow…

9 March 13

9 march 2013

My aim is to come up with a new one each day (or thereabouts) until I have made enough to be assembled into a “Homely Blanket” for ‘my girl’ to treasure. I will be using every colour of the rainbow (and some more), making it a truly happy memories comfort blanket.

I hope you will join me on this journey, I for one can’t wait to get started on a new weeks worth of squares. 🙂