A little FREE Crochet!

dear diary,

Every year in the lead up to Christmas I do so much knitting that afterwards I am a little needled out. It’s no surprise that I fancy doing something different and a little hooky time seems to be in order.

So last week I got my lovely colourful selection of this…


Colours of the rainbow (and more) – Rico Creative Cotton Aran

…a few of these,


any old jar will do

and started playing around. I don’t work a lot with Cotton Yarns, but for a little crochet it is always so perfect as it grows so quickly and the colours sing and shine whilst you work.

I started like this…


New beginnings

…which soon grew into this…

Colour round 2

about half way

Almost finished

almost there

…and after completing one, I got hooked and made a few more. I ended up with this little collection…

Finished 4

Bright and Cheerful

They brighten up my table and cheer me up during these gloomy days. I want you to be cheered up too, so why not have a go and make some. They really can be worked up in a jiffy, download the pattern for FREE by clicking here.

Happy hooking! 🙂