a familiar old favourite

dear diary,

do you remember this old favourite of mine…

Cloche 1

I first made it and wrote the pattern back in 2011, and I remember it was instantly loved by many heads that needed to be snug and warm, including mine. But when I got it out of the draw the other day…oh well, let’s just say it looked a little sad and dishevelled, not really fit for purpose any longer.

I knew I was going to miss it though, as it had become such a familiar and favourite winter warmer. There was only one thing for it…I had to make a new one. After a lot of rummaging in my Stash (it is quite large, I have to admit!), I found almost the same yarn as I had used for the first hat. A lovely, but sadly discontinued Noro Aran Yarn, for which I can’t remember the name as the ball band was lost. But just in case you are wondering…any Aran yarn will do, just as long as you like it!

Cloche Detail

You don’t need much either, about 115 meters should do it, and as the hat is knitted using 5mm needles, it is a definite one evening project. The flower’s are crochet, using a little bit of this and a little bit of that…you know what I mean, some of that leftover yarn we all have.


As I am feeling in the Festive Spirit, for a short period only, you can download this pattern for free HERE.

So go on… hit that download link straight away, and make one tonight to step out of your door wearing it tomorrow!

Enjoy x