a crochet along


Today I want to introduce you to a fabulous crochet along called carnivalecal. It is being hosted by the lovely Michelle, all the way from Melbourne/ Australia, over on her website/blog at Poppy and Bliss.

You lovely people out there who know me well, also know how I normally dive straight into agreements of taking part and then…more often than not don’t stick to it because: 1. I don’t really like what I am doing or 2. I find I don’t actually have time.

Not this time…Oh No!!!


I have been friends with Michelle over on IG for quite some time and I am an avid reader of her beautiful blog. When I saw her gorgeous cushion crochet along, I just knew that I had to be part of it. So the minute the first part was released, I immediately went to rummage in my stash and set straight to it…


…this is part one finished. I love how my colours sing to each other.

What followed was impatient waiting for the next part. You see, the good thing about this crochet along is that it gets released in fortnightly instalments, which gives even really busy people a chance to keep up with it.

Yesterday was the release day for part two, and here it is…


…I am just so totally loving this!!! For once I am really happy with my colour and yarn choice (Drops Muscat) and I truly can’t wait for the next part. Thank you Michelle for a truly beautiful inspiring crochet along.


Actually, I love it so much that I might have to make another one, just so I can share more photos and maybe gift it to someone special.

It really is not too late to join, so come on what are you waiting for…head over to Poppy and Bliss to get all the details and make your very own Carnivale Cushion.

Enjoy! X.