Hello friends, I am back!

My summer has been fabulous, full of colour, visits and surprises. I hope your’s has been fabulous too?

At the end of July my ‘little’ sister (Buntes Schaf) came to visit. We did Yarn…

… and sight seeing in London Town.

A visit to Loop and a River Cruise accompanied by fabulous weather, what a great day spent with one of the closest people in my heart.

This year summer in the UK has been hot hot hot and I have been enjoying the garden more than ever.

My hubby’s wild flower garden has given us joy and colour, making for a lovely backdrop enjoyed with cool drinks and knitting.

I have published some new designs (more about this next week or so)…

…finishing it all off with a visit to my homeland.

As you can see, a jam packed couple of months full of colourful fun and joy. It has been great to be able to share with you some of the snapshots of this precious time.

As the evenings draw in and a slight chill is in the air, my favourite time of year is approaching. I am back at work in my studio and look forward to working on new ideas and sharing them here with you over the coming weeks.

Which reminds me…thanks to my hubby, I am now working from my new and made over studio, The Rainbow Room!

See you soon and happy knitting!


Last week we jetted off to the sun for a few days. It was very much ‘Last minute’, but we all needed a few days away from it all. It was also a big huge mahoosive ‘Well Done’ to ‘our girl’ for landing herself the job of a lifetime.

We all got on a plane to Barcelona, for some Sun, Sangria and Gaudi…

Barcelona 1

Barcelona 2

Barcelona 3

Barcelona 4

There really is nothing more relaxing than lazy days spent under endless blue skies by the sea. Laying on your deck chair, listening to the gentle slapping of waves, the occasional boat engine, people laughing, chatting and generally having fun, whilst a subtle whiff of suncream flows your way in the breeze.

Our few days in Barcelona had all the perfect ingredients to feel perfectly chilled by the end of it.

Now back to the studio!


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