#madewithloops #walesretreat #chainbridgehotel #thelittlegreysheep

Day 2 started with joy of finished samples and eagerness to get started on the project of the week, a pair mittens designed by Claudia.

#madewithloops #walesretreat

Soon everyone was busy again with needles clicking and after a very hush day yesterday, today the room was filled with chatter and laughter.

#walesretreat #madewithloops #chainbridgehotel

#madewithloops #walesretreat #chainbridgehotel

A big surprise was waiting for our lovely guests when they returned after lunch, as Emma from The little grey Sheep and Sian from Courtyard Books had arrived with lots of books and yarn.

#madewithloops #walesretreat #chainbridgehotel

After the initial squeals of joy had subsided, shopping began in earnest and arms full of yarn will be filling suitcases on return flights home no doubt.

#madewithloops #walesretreat #chainbridgehotel

Personal shopping attention was given and then Emma gave the group a fabulous talk on how the farm she and her  husband bought and started with just 7 sheep has grown into this business and gorgeous yarn that we know today.

#madewithloops #walesretreat #chainbridgehotel

To find out more about The little grey Sheep click here.


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Hello friends,

first of all I want to apologise to anyone who tried to read posts here last Monday (16 Oct.) and found that all you got was a message saying ‘unavailable’ and ‘not allowed‘ – the people behind the scenes, where all the pictures and words are stored, had lost everything and it took them a while to find it all and put it back. All back to normal now, but a few very unnerving hours for me as you can imagine.

Happier times this week, as yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a crochet workshop at Emma’s farm – The Little Grey Sheep –  and what a pleasure it was.

Five lovely ladies joined myself and Emma for a flower power day of crochet happiness!

#flowerpowerworkshop #thelittlegreysheep #madewithloops.co.uk

#flowerpowerworkshop #thelittlegreysheep #madewithloops.co.uk

Everyone was given eight hanks of beautiful Hampshire DK yarn and plenty of other goodies to make the day memorable. Yummy food and lashings of tea and coffee helped sustain us throughout the day and Emma was the best host anyone could wish for.

A lot of hard work and concentration was put into the day by all my students and at times you could hear a needle drop, but there was also a lot of laughter as we shared funny stories the way only women can.

As a little surprise I had prepared a special pattern for them to make with all their leftover yarn…

#flowerpowerworkshop #thelittlegreysheep #madewithloops.co.uk

…it went down a treat 🙂

Days like these are over way too quickly and before we knew it it was time to say farewell and be homeward bound. Just one last photo to show off everyones makes and a lot of happy smiley faces.

#flowerpowerworkshop #thelittlegreysheep #madewithloops.co.uk

Happy weekend everyone!


PS: Kits for both Cushions and Tea Cosy will be available from The Little Grey Sheep soon.

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