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Friday, 26th September 2014


the story of a blanket – part 2

Blanket Update Collage 1

During the last few days my little mountains of squares grew and grew, and everyday the assembly line has become a little longer. It has been such a joy to work with this yarn, so much so that in my head I have already lined up a few more projects.


Yesterday I decided to have a little rest from making squares, I thought it would be nice to give each one of them a final round of uplifting colour and then I started to lay them out randomly. Now, anyone who has ever made a blanket using different coloured squares knows how difficult it is to be really random when laying out the colours. A little while ago, when looking around in the cyberworld for some ideas, I came across a most useful link. A link so useful that it has totally revolutionised my ability to become utterly random with the layout of my blanket squares. Would you all like to be enlightened…I bet you would!! So here it is, the granny square generator!

For this blanket I put in number of squares per row followed by number of total rows. Then I added the different colours, pressed the magic button called Generate…and presto I had my random layout!

Here it is:


Isn’t it fantastic! Well I think so anyway, and here, at just about the halfway point, is my Vintage Blanket…

Blanket Update Collage 2

I have got a few more squares made already and the assembly line is growing again. I am hopeful that the blanket will be finished this time next week for it’s very own big Tadah moment. Hopefully our beautiful autumnal sunshine weather of late will hold long enough so that I can sit on my bench with a completed blanket keeping me warm.



So there you have it, the story so far.

Have a lovely colourfully happy weekend, I am off to make more squares.


the story of a blanket – part 1

You remember a little while back I was trying out a beautiful yarn from Holland by a company called Scheepjeswol. The lovely Stone Washed Yarn came to my attention in my Instagram feed earlier this year, and I knew immediately that I wanted to try it. The beautiful colours reminded me of vintage dyes and I could see many possibilities for this stunner of a yarn.

Stone Washed 1

Thanks to some lovely friends on Instagram, I found out that the yarn is now available to purchase from online retailer Deramores, so I sent off for some colours to trial. I was immediately hooked (excuse the pun!) and my brain went into a spin thinking up all sorts of fabulousnesses to make. First up I used it to make a baby blanket for a friends soon to be born grandchild in Australia, you can download the free pattern for it here.



As you can guess, I am totally in love with this yarn!!! It is a great yarn for many projects, but I think it is absolutely perfect for blankets. The yarn is super soft, comes in sixteen beautiful shades, and is a total pleasure to work with. As soon as I had finished the above baby blanket I knew I had to make another…

…I pondered and swatched, and then chose shades to make my ‘Vintage blanket’…

Stone Washed Collage

…what do you think? Does it have potential?

I hope you will enjoy following my progress with this blanket over the next few weeks. I will give you an update on the growth with all it’s trials and tribulations every Friday. Fingers crossed the journey will be a smooth one.

Stone Washed 5

Happy weekend and happy crochet!

Enjoy! X.


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