hello summer – new pattern release

It’s here! “Hello Summer Shawl” – My latest pattern has been released and it’s a good day for it! This has been another fabulous and fun collaboration between myself and Emma from The Little Grey Sheep (www.thelittlegreysheep.co.uk). This time we decided to make something super soft and super lush using British Hand Dyed Stein Fine Wool. […]

christmas preparations

dear diary, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… The festive preparations are well under way around here at Made with Loops, and I am loving every minute of it. To me there is nothing more exciting than Christmas time…getting all the decorations down from the loft… …and lovingly waking them from their long […]

Lola Loops – Six small things for Spring & Summer

dear diary, Finally, after many weeks of sketching, mathematical work-outs, lamenting about yarn choices, knitting all the items, writing (and testing) patterns and a fun photo shoot, Lola Loops for Spring & Summer 2013 is ready. Just like the first, this second Lola Loops book has been a true labour of love and I couldn’t […]

Norfolk Shawl

dear diary… let me introduce you to my latest design, the Norfolk Shawl. This crescent shaped shawl was inspired by the Lavender and Wheat fields of Norfolk, gently swaying in the wind blowing  from the North Sea. I have always loved Norfolk, the vast open spaces with large fields of crops growing, interspersed with pretty villages and old […]

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