fabulous friday follies – 1

Have you seen the amazing designs by Biljana Kovale on Etsy? Biljana is from Serbia and her eye for colour, combined with her unique style is awe-inspiring. Go and check out her shop here… I am totally in love with this yarn…it’s called Stone Washed by Scheepjeswol, a fabulous Dutch yarn brand finally available in […]

the story of an old cardigan

dear diary, Most of you would have seen pictures on the television about the snow-chaos that gripped the UK yet again during the past week or so. I usually smile about the exaggeration in these reports, as mostly there really isn’t a lot of snow on the ground to get all tizzed about (well, not in comparison with […]

My quilting adventures (Block one)

dear diary, Ever since the day when ‘my man’ gave me a beautiful book on making Welsh Quilts have I wanted to learn how to. Living in Wales and loving history as much as I do, I feel it is absolutely essential that I make one of these traditional patterned quilts for our home here […]

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