A six six thirty wake up call and soon there after we left for Schwabsburg and the promise of another hot and sticky day.

We set up, and even before the official opening eager shoppers were arriving to be tempted by the sea of colour, delicious cakes and the stunningly pretty setting of the venue.

It was a long hot day filled with workshop teaching, book selling, catching up with many wonderful friends, and was finished off with a jolly get together over a delicious meal and a few well earned glasses of German beer and wine.

Day three awaits…I better get a move on!





Leaving Manchester and 14C behind, I was greeted by 34c on arrival at Frankfurt. Bright blue skies, lovely sunshine and Claudia’s wonderful mum Ruth greeted me. I was instantly whisked away and driving along picturesque roads beside the mighty river Rhein, we soon arrived at Claudia’s house. I am staying in the most perfect room of all…the wool room! Slightly empty of yarn, as everything has been packed for the Woolfest, I can still feel the presence of much woolly gorgeousness that normally lives here. There is however the sample wall to be admired and on my pillow I found this fun card that by pulling the tab turns from sheep to wolf…such fun!


Another lovely surprise was seeing Ruth’s finished project from the Wales knitting retreat. Isn’t her cushion simply beautiful?!

Tomorrow will be a long day! I am teaching first thing and then helping out wherever I am needed.

Better turn the lights off..Nosta all, see you tomorrow!



imageimageimageFinally summer has arrived even in the British Isles! The sun is out and the skies are blue, so get your picnic blankets out, flip flop’s at the ready and head off into your garden or nearby park.

This is a perfect time to start a project using summer cottons or linens, like this beautiful linea yarn by Karen Noe. I picked this up last year at the Schwabsburger Wollfest and this is where I am off to tomorrow.

A fabulous feast for any knitter or crocheter, this Wool gathering is organised every year by my friend Claudia of Wollsinn and a colleague of hers. I have been invited to teach a couple of workshops, I am so excited.


After Schwabsburg I am traveling on to Amsterdam to meet my wonderful Instagram and Blogger friend Marianne. This is a real treat as we have long wanted to meet in person, and is the icing on the cake during this otherwise rather business oriented travel week.

I will try and write a blog travel journal every day, hoping to have your company.

My suitcase is almost packed…will I be able to sleep tonight!?!


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