dear diary,

I have a new love…!! It’s not of the heart beating variety. Well, only my heart that is. No, seriously…this new love is my latest discovery phone app called Hipstamatic. I might be raving on about something that many of you already found and know about, but for me this is a new discovery…


For you who don’t, here it goes: It’s like having a really expensive ‘old fashioned’ camera with lot’s of different lenses, using different rolls of film. This opens up an altogether new world of phone photography, and I am yet again amazed how brilliant some of the available apps really are and how a small little device like my phone can do so many truly gob-smackingly brilliant things.

Here are some shots of Max and my early morning adventure…


Land of Dragon’s


Pooh Bridge







I have a feeling that Max can expect many adventures in the coming days! xx




dear diary,

Today I want to introduce you to a “watch this space” new and upcoming photographer, the super talented Miss Amelia Gale-Hasleham.

Amelia 2

Having just finished her first year at Newport University studying Fashion and Advertising Photography, she has already been involved in some inspiring photo shoots. Amelia was the talent behind the lens for my latest book, Lola Loops – Six small things for Spring & Summer…

Lola Loops Collage

all photos taken by Amelia Gale-Hasleham

…and has been busy working with many different subject matters…

Amelia 1   Amelia 3

Amelia 5

…as you can see she can make a 1950’s inspired picnic look just as appealing as stunning models in designer fashion shoots. It comes as no surprise therefore, that she went against the old saying of “Never work with animals” and produced the most magically amazing photos when she was hired to do a day shoot with horses…




Amelia can be booked for all manner of photography and is game for any challenge. To find out how to get in touch and to sample more of her stunning photos have a look here and here.

In the meantime I leave you with this…



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