Yesterday morning saw the beginning of two wonderful days playing with different dye stuff and yarns. Learning how to dye yarn had long been on my agenda to do, as it was the only bit missing in my yarn lexicon. All day myself and the very lovely Nina from Bergen in Norway ( learned how to use plant extracts and synthetic dyes.

Being taught by such a knowledgeable teacher, Claudia (, was truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to get started on part two today.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue – Denmark you are kind to us!


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After a rather hellish, almost fifteen hour drive, we arrived in Tversted near Skagen last night. As you can imagine we took it rather slowly this morning. A long sleep in, followed by a leisurely breakfast before Claudia took me to the Isager HQ.

She had promised me that I would like it, and boy did I like it. Like is really not enough to describe what I felt from the moment I saw the building and everything in it. Outside to the back there is a herb and flower garden with a small water feature, Japanese style, a dragon guarding and watching over proceedings. The back also hosts the dyeing station, perfectly organised for all manner of yarn dyeing fun, more about that in the next few days. There are areas to sit, enjoy a coffee in the sun and some knitting, as well as the stable of the resident Nordic Spelsau sheep.

It goes without saying that the inside was of even more interest to me, and as you can imagine many squeals of joy could be heard and a lot of fondling of yarn took place.

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So much inspiration everywhere, so many lovely people to meet, truly a little Paradise. Just as well I am going to be going back every day for an entire week.

I hope you join me for the next step of the journey!


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original watercolour by mark gittins

I am off on an adventure very early tomorrow morning! An adventure with my creative soul sister and co-producer Claudia. Together we are going on a knitting adventure in the far north of Denmark, near Skagen. We are staying in a beautiful Danish holiday house very close to the beach, a beach with beautiful white sand and natural dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. With the North and Baltic Sea only a thin stretch of land apart, we are sure to enjoy some fabulous walks and beautiful sunsets. We will go in search of treasure washed ashore, shells, pieces of colourful glass, and maybe we will even find a little piece of Baltic Gold (Amber).

photo found on google images

photo found on google images

High on the agenda is research and inspiration gathering for future projects together, and I will be taking part in a three day workshop learning how to use natural, as well as synthetic dyes to hand paint yarn. This workshop will be taught by Claudia, who is the creative master behind all the Wollsinn hand painted yarns, and will take place at the headquarters of Isager Yarns.


To say that I am just a little bit excited is an understatement, I have been looking forward to this for ages. My case is packed, boarding pass printed and all I need to do is change some money at the airport.

As always, I will keep a travel journal, and providing there is WiFi at the holiday house you will be able to get an update most days here on the blog. Watch out for an interview with Marianne Isager and her daughter Helga coming soon too.

I leave you with a sneak peek of my latest design, “Santorini”, fresh off the needles. Pattern coming soon!

#knitting #shawl #design #madewithloops

Enjoy! X.


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