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Hello friends, how have you been? Well I hope and enjoying the wonderful summer weather we are having, well here in the UK anyway. I can’t believe it’s three weeks since my last post already, time has just flown by as I have been so busy, but today I have a fabulous gift for you:

Meet Marbly” 

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

You can download this pattern for free until Sunday 1st July 2018 and this “Marbly’s” story:

A few weeks ago I received my first KnitCrate box. KnitCrate is a fairly new kid on the block in the world of monthly yarn subscriptions and is packed with beautiful, specially selected yarn as well as two free patterns. Every box gives the option of one crochet and one knitting pattern, keeping both sets of makers happy and everything arrives in a pretty box. As well as a monthly yarn subscription you can find tons of other fabulous stuff on the KnitCrate site and anyone who fancies to subscribe can get 20% off by adding – MADEWITHLOOPS20 – at Checkout, just click here.

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On receiving my first box I immediately fell in love with this yarn! Two hanks of naturally dyed marled fingering weight yarn, a combination of Merino and Peruvian Highland Wool with a little added Nylon for long lasting wearability. Two hanks of 400m each…I was very happy and all sorts of ideas were beginning to spin around in my head. Of course I could have made the beautiful patterns that came with the yarn, but you know me by now…!

Here is what I did instead:

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

I wound one hank of yarn into a lovely cup cake, added another mini cup cake leftover from my stash, started work on “Marbly” and transformed the yarn into a beautiful shawl.

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

“Marbly” is special due to its classic shape and simple lines. A garter stitch centre hugged by a contrast knit/purl border gives you the opportunity to use a special hank of yarn that you might have in your stash, or seek out and purchase yarn to work with a coat or outfit in your wardrobe. For me it doesn’t get better than classic black and white as it is timeless and stylish, but this shawl works equally well in brighter hues. You can use fingering, 4Ply, double knit or any yarn you fancy. Plain, striped, speckled or create a marbled effect by holding two strands together.

Make it your own – the sky is the limit!

#madewithloops.co.uk #marblyshawl

Of course the best bit for you guys: You can download the pattern absolutely free until Sunday 1st July 2018 by clicking here. From Monday it will be available via my Etsy Shop, Ravelry and LoveKnitting.

What are you waiting for, get downloading! I hope you like “Marbly” as much as I do.

Happy Knitting – Enjoy!



This post contains a sponsored link. By subscribing to a KnitCrate box you will receive a discount and I will receive a small commission.


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When the lovely peeps from Lovecrochet.com got in touch the other day asking if I would like to try out the latest Paintbox Yarn, I jumped at the chance. Never one to say no to a freebie, and always keen on quick projects, I was only too happy to give this chunky yarn a go.

It didn’t disappoint!

A generous parcel arrived at my door, containing 3 balls of Paintbox Chunky Pots in shades (from left) Paradise – Making Hay – Fairytale…what to make?

The yarn comes from Turkey (brilliant as it’s one of my favourite places), is super soft and perfect for snuggly projects and each ball is 200g/272m.

#paintboxyarn #chunkypots #lovecrochet.com #madewithloops.co.uk

As you know, my hubby is artist Mark Gittins. He paints at his beloved Studio 59 where it can get very chilly at times. Looking at and feeling this yarn, I thought of him and that it would be lovely to make him his very own artists blanket.

Without further ado, and with crochet hook in hand I set to work and today I want to share my quick and easy pattern with you because I think you might like to make one too 🙂

#lovecrochet.com #paintboxyarn #chunkypots #madewithloops.co.uk

I used all three of my Chunky Pots and a 6mm Crochet Hook with the finished blanket measuring 85cm x 120cm.

Here is what I did: (UK terms)

Start by making two 5 round Granny Squares and then sew them together at one side to form a rectangle.

Next: With right side of work facing, join in yarn at any corner and work 3ch (counts as tr), [1tr, 2ch, 2tr] in same space, *(1ch, 3tr) in each 1ch-space to next corner, [2tr, 2ch, 2tr] in corner; rep. from * all around and join with a slip stitch to the beginning of the round.

Work the next round the same, but instead of (1ch, 3tr) in each ch-space, work (1ch, 2tr) into each of those spaces.

Alternate these two rounds until you have just enough yarn left to work just one more round.

For this last round work 1dc into each stitch and 3dc in each corner space.

Weave in all the ends and you are done!

#lovecrochet.com #paintboxyarn #chunkypots #madewithloops.co.uk

I worked this up in just two evenings, and it fits in perfectly with my idea of a quick yet satisfying project. The blanket is super soft and warm, I enjoyed working with this yarn immensely, and I know this will be a much used and loved item.

Please share yours using #artistsblanket.

Enjoy! X.


N.B. This post was sponsored with yarn only. The comments about the yarn and the pattern are my own!

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I am late to the party!!! So sorry August’s dishcloth pattern is late, but I have been travelling and only just got back. There was no fast broadband to post anything from on-the-road, but I did pick up the yarn for these latest cloths, and I am just a little in love with it. It’s super soft which made me decide that these will become face-cloths rather than using such softies for the dishes.

So here goes: Los geht’s

What you need – Man braucht

Approx. 80m of soft yarn – I used Filanda Cassiopea 50g/135m

Ungefähr 80m weiches Garn – Ich nahm Filanda Cassiopea 50g/135m

3.75mm Knitting Needles – 3.75mm Stricknadeln

Darning Needle to weave in ends – Stopfnadel zum Fäden vernähen

Finished size of the cloth: 20 x 20 cm when slightly stretched

Fertige Maße des Spültuchs: 20 x 20 cm etwas gedehnt

#12monthsofhappy #madewithloops.co.uk

How to – So gehts

Cast on 55sts and knit 4 rows – 55 Maschen anschlagen und 4 Reihen rechts stricken

Row 1: K3, p1, *k7, p1; rep. from * to last 3sts, k3

Reihe 1 : 3M re, 1M li, *7Mre, 1M li; von * bis zu den letzten 3M wiederholen, 3M re

Row 2: K5, p5; *k3, p5; rep. from * to last 5sts, k5

Reihe 2: 5M re, 5M li, *3M re, 5M li; von * bis zu den letzten 5M wiederholen, 5M re

Row 3: K3, p3, k3, *p5, k3; rep. from * to last 6sts, p3, k3

Reihe 3: 3M re, 3M li, 3M re, *5M li, 3M re; von * bis zu den letzten 6M wiederholen, 3M li, 3M re

Row 4: K7, p1, *k7, p1; rep. from * to last 7sts, k7

Reihe 4: 7M re, 1M li, *7M re, 1M li; von * bis zu den letzten 7M wiederholen, 7M re

Rows 5: K3, p4, k1, *p7, k1; rep. from * to last 7sts, p4, k3

Reihe 5: 3M re, 4M li, 1M re, *7M li, 1M re; von * bis zu den letzten 7M wiederholen, 4M li, 3M re

Rows 6: K3, p4, k1, *p7, k1; rep. from * to last 7sts, p4, k3

Reihe 6: 3M re, 4M li, 1M re, *7M li, 1M re; von * bis zu den letzten 7M wiederholen, 4M li, 3M re

Row 7: K6, p3, *k5, p3; rep. form * to last 6sts, k6

Reihe 7: 6M re, 3M li, *5M re, 3M li; von * bis zu den letzten 6M wiederholen, 6M re

Row 8: K3, p2, k5, *p3, k5; rep. from * to last 5sts, p2, k3

Reihe 8: 3M re, 2M li, 5M re, *3M li, 5M re; von * bis zu den letzten 5M wiederholen, 2M li, 3M re

Row 9: K4, *p7, k1; rep. from * to last 3sts, k3

Reihe 9: 4M re, *7M li, 1M re; von * bis zu den letzten 3M wiederholen, 3M re

Row 10: K3, p1, *k7, p1; rep. from * to last 3sts, k3

Reihe 10: 3M re, 1M li, *7M re, 1M li; von * bis zu den letzten 3M wiederholen, 3M re

Repeat rows 1-10 another 6 times or until the cloth is the desired size, and the knit 4rows.

Die Reihen 1-10 sechs mal wiederholen oder stricken bis das Spültuch die gewünschte Größe hat und dann noch 4 Reihen re sticken.

Cast off and weave in all ends.

Alle Maschen abketteln und Fäden vernähen.

#12monthsofhappy #madewithloops.co.uk

As always the pattern can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking HERE

Enjoy! X.Viel Spaß X.

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