dear diary,

3rd Advent

It’s the third Advent weekend and time for the second last square of the ‘homely blanket’ quest. Only one more square to go…almost impossible to believe I know, and then comes the dreaded sewing up.

I thought we stay with the festive theme for this week’s square. I have called it “A Christmas Rose”, I do so hope you like it. The square is made up of two separate pieces, this gives you the opportunity to make the Rose in different colours and use as a brooch, or use to decorate your Christmas gifts.

Quest Square 34.1

The Square:

Using A ch 4, ss to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Ch5 (counts as 1tr+2ch), [3tr, 2ch] 3 times into ring, 2tr into ring, ss to 3rd of 5ch.

Rnd 2: Ss to 2ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 2ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to **once more, 1tr into last 2ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 3: Ss to 4ch sp, 7ch (counts as 1tr+4ch), *2tr in same sp, 1tr into each tr across side of square, **2tr into next 4ch sp, 4ch; rep. from * twice and from * to ** once more, 1tr into last 4ch sp, ss to 3rd of 7ch.

Rnd 4: Repeat Rnd 3 – Fasten off A

Rnd 5: Join B at any tr of prev. rnd. – 1dc in each tr across sides of square, [2dc, 2ch, 2dc] in each corner – Fasten off B

Rnd 6: Join C at any dc of prev. rnd – 1dc in each dc across sides of square, 3dc’s in each corner – Fasten off C

Quest Square 34

The Rose:

With B ch48

Petals 1-3: Miss 3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch, [3ch, 1tr in each of next 2ch, 2ch, ss in next ch] 2 times

Petals 4-8: [4ch, 1dtr in each of next 4ch, 3ch, ss in next ch] 5 times

Making up: Starting with smaller petals and stitching as you go, coil the row of petals and sew into shape. Attach to square by stitching it down or attach a pin.

Have a lovely crafting weekend. Enjoy x

dear diary,

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Instagram. After my daughter and various friends had been telling me how brilliant it is for a very long time I finally thought I had better check it out for myself. Now I am totally hooked (that is the non-crochet variety!)!!!!!

I can’t stop taking photos, tweaking them with InstaEffect and making up collages with InstaCollage. All these apps are free and can be used on Apple or Android technology. Totally addictive but such such fun…

From the Studio


Christmas Sparkle


Simple does it!

Festive Cheer!


You can see what other snaps I took by clicking on the Camera button on the right hand side and why not sign up, follow me and get lots of inspiration send to you for free. Look forward to meeting you there. 🙂

dear diary,

I only got back from a an unplanned and last minute trip to Germany very late last night and haven’t much to write just now. However, I took lots of wonderful Christmasy photos and thought, why not let them tell the story this time…

Vintage Decorations

Table Decoration

Festive Flowers


Traditional Colours


I hope these put you into a festive mood a little.

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