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Made with Loops is taking a short break from traveling, teaching, designing and proof reading patterns. Next week I am off to Germany with ‘my man’ to visit family. We are driving this time and that means, yes you guessed right, lots of time to knit or crochet in the car as it is a very long drive from North Wales to the Northern part of Germany. I can’t wait!

This is my travel project…

#crochet #knitting #madewithloops

…a beautiful shawl designed by my friend Annelies. Don’t you agree, it’s absolutely stunning? and even better…this is a totally free pattern which you can find on her Blog HERE. Go on, I know you want to make one too. I show you mine when I get back.

I am also looking forward to spending many happy knitting and crochet hours with my ‘little’ sister. I can’t wait to sit in her beautiful garden and visit the lovely Wollgefl├╝ster Yarn Cafe again for some yarny goodness.

I’ll be reporting back in a couple of weeks. Happy summer wishes, and may the sun shine for you wherever you are!




After a few very busy days in scorching heat, we spent yesterday resting our tired bones in much cooler air not doing very much at all. A little time spent at the stables, followed by a glass of ‘bubbly’ eating scones and then some gentle crochet. Just perfect!

Soon I will have to pack my case, say a sad farewell to Claudia and then hop on another plane. Another chapter of my adventure begins with a flight to Amsterdam where I will spend two days with my lovely and creative Instagram friend Marianne (@marrose-ccc.com).

I am so excited, it will be so much fun!




Another fabulously colourful woolly day was had by all! The photos speak for themselves:

1. Stall Impressions

2. Teaching new things

3. Freeform workshop creations

A huge big thank you goes to Claudia and Anja for organising another amazing Festival for knitters, crocheter’s, weaver’s, spinner’s, dyer’s and other yarn mad people. I hope I will be lucky enough to be invited back next year!


A big happy bonus for me, five of my closest knitting friends from the UK joined me this time. We had so much fun together, even trying to teach our wonderful waiter to knit. Our jaws dropped when he picked up yarn and needles, cast on without problems and started knitting flawlessly. Amazing!

Today will be very quiet I think as we are all a little exhausted. Maybe just a little knitting or crochet, catching up with all the news and endless cups of tea.

I think we have earned it!


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