For the first time I fell behind doing my weekly squares, and I hadn’t done any for about three weeks by the time I came back from my holiday last week.

On Friday I gave myself a good talking to and thought I had better pull my finger out and catch up. Here is the result:


For this square I have used Spice Tones and the pattern is Sotchi. It represents an advancing and bold feeling, getting ready for new ventures.


Square number ten is the one representing a cheerful and open week away in the French Alps with friends. Using green tones and the Sunburst pattern it made me feel really happy.


Coming back home after a weeks holiday in the fresh mountain air of the Alps, I feel very refreshed and tranquil. I chose blue and turquoise to represent this mood and a new pattern for this week – The African Flower Square.

The pattern for square eleven can now be found  under crochet-mood-blanket-2014, drop down menu – patterns.

Enjoy! x

Strip 1

Almost two month’s into our crochet along, so I thought it was about time I gave you an update on how it is progressing here at Made with Loops.

You recall, I am doing one square per week at 20 x 20 cm, and my goal is to make 60 squares. This should produce a decent sized blanket of about 120 x 200 cm at the end – above is the first strip of six squares assembled, and I am pretty pleased so far.

First three

from left: starflower – sunbursts – tricolore

Second three

from left: traditional – celtic rose – sochi

Initially I thought I would do four or five different patterns and then repeat those, but so far I have crochet a new pattern each week, and it now looks as if I will be doing at least twelve different designs.

I am sharing all the patterns with you for free! Just find Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 at the top menu bar which has two drop-down menus. One shows close up photos and a short mood story behind the design, the second drop-down is where you can find the patterns. I also have a dedicated album in the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 group on Facebook, come and join if you haven’t already done so.

The second strip is now under way with the first square done…


I have gone back to basics with this square, using the traditional granny square pattern but jazzing it up by boxing the groups of treble’s in with rounds of double crochet. I chose Earth tones – warm and cosy!

This has been a dreadful week weather wise. We have had rain rain rain and 108 miles per hour storms were recorded. It was very scary!! The earth is totally soaked with water standing almost knee deep in the fields around us and there is only one thing one can do at times like this…keep indoors and stay warm and cosy.

I hope you enjoy making these squares…

It would be great to see some photo’s in the Facebook Group Album…

Happy weekend! x


Today is yet another day of wet wet wet and storms, which has been on the weather menu here in the UK for weeks now…it’s getting really REALLY boring now and we are all fed up.

There isn’t much one can do on days like this. Far too awful to go for a walk, and even Max sticks his nose out of the back door and makes a U-turn to go back to his cosy bed by the radiator. Trust me…you wouldn’t sent your worst enemy out in this!!!

Thank goodness for blanket’s…

…we have a few in our house…


afghan knit along blanket 2012


there are also not quite finished options…


‘homely blanket’ crochet along 2013

…and just started options…


You may recall that I have promised not to purchase any yarn this year (sigh!), but will try and use up as much of my stash as I can during the coming month’s. Apart from the Afghan knit along blanket (photo above) a couple of years ago, I have never had the patience to knit a blanket, so I thought no better way to use up a lot of odd balls of yarn.

I rummaged in my stash and pulled out all the single DK yarn balls I could find (amazing what you find when having a clear out). I also remembered a bag of 10 balls of Rowan baby merino silk in a beautiful jeans blue colour which compliments all the other shades perfectly.

Simple garter stitch is perfect for this and so far I am really pleased with the way it’s going. This is also the most perfect Olympic Games TV watching project ever…I keep you posted with photo updates during the making process.


right now I think I go back and snuggle under this one with a nice cup of tea…

…maybe you should go and find a blanket and do the same…

Enjoy! x

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