After months of planning and lots of organisation this year’s knitting retreat is almost upon us. My bags are packed, a huge box of yarn from Claudia (www.wollsinn.de) is ready to go and all other bits and bobs have been collated. Three of us are setting off from Wales early tomorrow morning traveling by car to the French Alps where this years retreat takes place. We will drive 850 miles there and 850 miles back, stopping over in France for a night.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

I will be knitting socks when not driving (any tips on how to drive & knit at the same time?), and hoping to finish a pair by the time I come back. I have of course packed yarn for other projects too, and I am hoping to start my #jojimysterykal whilst there.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

these are my colours

Over the next 12 days or so I will keep a retreat diary, posting lots of photos and short bits of writing. This is the first entry of the #retreatlog2017. Hopefully you join me in our adventure…I am very excited!

I just managed to finish my #nordicwindshawl by @cabinfour in time for this trip. So pleased with the way it has turned out and using Einrum yarn was absolutely the right decision. The shawl is super soft and almost weightless.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Early bed for me I think…see you on the road tomorrow!


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