dear diary,

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Instagram. After my daughter and various friends had been telling me how brilliant it is for a very long time I finally thought I had better check it out for myself. Now I am totally hooked (that is the non-crochet variety!)!!!!!

I can’t stop taking photos, tweaking them with InstaEffect and making up collages with InstaCollage. All these apps are free and can be used on Apple or Android technology. Totally addictive but such such fun…

From the Studio


Christmas Sparkle


Simple does it!

Festive Cheer!


You can see what other snaps I took by clicking on the Camera button on the right hand side and why not sign up, follow me and get lots of inspiration send to you for free. Look forward to meeting you there. 🙂

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  • Wow, you painted those plates yourself? I’m SO impressed! They are lovely.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Different stars in the sky! See you in the New Year. xox

  • admin

    Thank you Christine, I am totally hooked on Instagram as one can do so many things with it which otherwise would only be possible in photoshop.

    Thank you also for your compliment about the plates. A few years ago I went through a spell of painting porcellan and sold quite a bit when Mark, a friend of his and I had an exhibition in London. Like you I love Christmas and it feel very odd being in a hot climate this year. We are off to S.A. in just over a weeks time.

    Floods all gone now…very cold here (-5C). Keep warm and have a lovely festive season xx

  • Those photos are so pretty! And I really love the plates in the top photo that are decorated with Christmas trees! I love Christmas… Also, having read your “All in one week” post, I’m really glad you’ve not been flooded. I was worried about you.

  • mutti

    Hallo meine liebe Tochter,
    ich freue mich immer ueber den neuen Eintrag in deinem Blog und tollen
    Dinge die du da hinein stellst

    Mutti xx