#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.ukLast night we had thunderstorms and this morning the weather changed quickly from blue skies to grey, low cloud cover and rain. This did however not deter us from venturing out, and donning all weather gear and best foot forward we set off for a morning hike around Lac Plagnes.

retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Even though we got drenched, we enjoyed the complete quiet of the lake, listening to the birds and a new stunning, sometimes mysterious, vista at every turn.

#retreatlog2017 #madewithloops.co.uk

Refreshed and cob webs blown away we are now back at the Chalet with the fire lit and our knitting in hand. What more could we wish for and only one more sleep and all our guests will be here. Perfect!

Stay dry! X.


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  • Annette Ciccarelli

    Cross fingers the rain stays away so many more hikes and walks can be enjoyed in your beautiful spot. Nature is always amazingly beautiful, even on cloudy and grey days. That waterfall is amazing. Good luck my dear.

  • Monique Koomans-de Hoon

    It is very beautiful there! I hope you have a wonderful time!
    Love Monique