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Happy third Advent everyone! Only two more weeks and Christmas is upon us. Is is just me, or are the days flying passed at some super-sonic speed? So many things still to do, and so little time left to do them in! Zillion’s of projects still to finish, and my mind is already racing ahead planning new ones…I really must slow down a bit and work on something purely for my own pleasure. But before I do that, let me tell you about this weeks give-away.

#adventgiveaway #madewithloops.co.uk #springshawl

Remember the Spring Shawl? This is a design I did a little while ago as a free pattern during my time as a Scheepjes blogger. This week I am giving away the yarn to make one for yourself, because even though it is called the Spring Shawl, it’s really an all year round favourite.

#adventgiveaway #madewithloops.co.uk #springshawl

The give-away consists of one ball Scheepjes Invicta Colour in shade 967 and one ball Scheepjes Invicta Extra in shade 1347, the only other thing you need is the pattern which you can download directly from here for free. The shawl is a quick and relaxing knit with a shape that is versatile enough to wear in many different ways.

To enter just subscribe to my blog and leave a comment telling me what it is you like about shawl knitting. This give-away is open to anyone anywhere in the world, providing your postal system is reliable enough to receive the package. The winner will be announced next Sunday.

Get commenting and good luck!


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  • Simone

    Thanks so much, I am so happy! XXX Simone

  • Hello lovely Simone,
    you are the winner of the give-away, many congratulations xx

    Please email me your address and I will post the yarn to you tomorrow and with a little luck it might arrive before Christmas. My email is: heike.gittins@gmail.com

    Much love and happy 4th Advent
    Heike xx

  • PeterB

    I’ve been knitting for many years mostly for children and recently 6 grandchildren, I’d like to try knitting a shawl and give it my wife

  • Katy D

    I have started knitting shawls this year and I have given some away, some for Christmas raffle prizes for a charity. I think that they make a good gift. I like the challenge to learn new techniques and construction; so I would definitely welcome this giveaway as I haven’t knitted a shawl yet using two colours!!!

  • Barbara Pankhurst

    I really enjoy making shawls knitted or crochet. I love to make them as gifts and feel like I am giving them as a cosy hug from me x

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Well, I am quite a new knitter, but I have probably done more shawls than any other item so far! I love knitting them because you don’t have to swatch, you can play with colour and they are something that I can wear pretty much every day, especially at this time of year.

  • Debgarretty

    I love making shawls, mainly for myself, but find they are well received as gifts. I have recently finished my first crochet shawl and am thrilled with the result. One of the things I like best is that it is possible to indulge in beautiful, slightly more luxurious yarns/fibres without the outlay that would be required for example, sweater quantities. A generous giveaway Heike, thank you.

  • Simone

    Yes, I seem to have figured out how to comment on your lovely giveaway and your fabulous work. I intend tot give the spring shawl a try, would love to become a better knitter… Love, Simone xx

  • Maggie Anderson

    I love shawls – so versatile, and if you’re giving them as a present you don’t have to worry about fit. I love this pattern of yours – I actually knitted it for a friend when you first released it, but in plain colours from my stash, so this time I’d love to make it in a variegated yarn as you originally envisaged.

  • I have recently started making shawls and find them satisfying to knit or crochet because it’s more versatile than a scarf, I find and I also like the shape better.

  • Danijela

    They are cozy,easy to make,stylish,colorful,love wearing them and enjoy knitting too.Love what you made,so colorful.Amazing giveaway,thank you for the chance to win it.Happy holidays!

  • zipper_hmm

    Your shawl is beautiful! The colours are gorgeous. I am half way through my first shawl, and am loving the process. It’s an awesome mid-sized project that will really pack a punch once I’m wearing it.

  • Linda Rumsey

    I haven’t knit any shawls yet, but this is a gorgeous one to start with!

  • I follow with Feedly! I love shawl knitting because it’s a good project to zone out to on the couch with your favorite TV show or movie. And after blocking, it becomes even more beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Little

    I am just completing my my first shawl and now I’m hooked. I love the colour and texture in this pretty shawl so I’d love to win and get knitting.