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It is with enormous pride that today I can introduce a brand new shawl design


I am so very fortunate to be working with many talented professionals in my world of knitting and crochet, as well as meeting a host of new people every time I teach a new workshop either here in the UK, in Germany or during one of the fabulous knitting retreats I have the pleasure in organising. However, once in a while some of us are extremely lucky to meet an extra special person, you know the sort of person I am talking about, the one that you connect with after just a few minutes and feel you have known all your life. The one that touches your heart in that special place and you feel a kindred spirit with.

For me that person is Claudia. We met, we chatted and the rest, as they say, is history! Claudia and I have the relationship were we don’t have to say a lot or explain a lot as most of the time the other knows exactly how..what..when..where! We compliment each other in every possible way: She has a yarn shop…very handy for me and all the designs that whirl around in my head. She is a magician in the dyeing kitchen…very handy for me as she will whizz something new up for me whenever I have one of my special requests. She organises one of the best Wool Festivals in Europe…very handy for me as I get invited to teach there every year.

You see what I mean! and because this is such a great partnership we decided about a year ago to make it official and started WoolyLoops  together. WoolyLoops means that we can co-produce our knitting retreats (always sold out before they go live), publish books together (our Little book of Sox almost sold out now) and work on individual designs together. At the same time we can keep our individual businesses separate and work on joint ventures with others. It’s truly perfect!


With this design we have taken it a step further. An acquaintance of Claudia has dyed this special limited edition colourway for us. A gradient yarn which is dyed using a special technique with long slow subtle colour changes, 4 threads – 500m per ball. We called it Fireball, and I have designed a special shawl of the same name.


The yarn and pattern are available via Claudia’s website – www.wollsin.de – as a kit and you can specify if you need this pattern in either English or German. Pre-order starts today with shipment from 8. November, but you better be quick as it is flying off the shelves and when its gone…it will be gone.

The shawl starts from the lace up and uses short rows to shape it into a crescent style accessory which is easy to wear in a range of different ways.

Fireball is a glorious colour explosion making even the gloomiest of winter days into a happier occasion!


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  • Thank you my lovely and remember…mail me if you have questions…any time, here to help but know you will be fine.
    Happy Sunday, much love, Heike xxx

  • Thanks for your swift reply, sweetheart! I’ve just bought yarn&pattern, and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get started – will keep you posted! Have a great weekend, big hug, Marianne xx

  • Darling Marianne,
    Thank you for your sweet words, you know they mean the world to me.
    If you can do yarnovers and knit2together then you will have no problems. All you need is basic knowledge, it’s all well explained. The main thing with this is the correct stitch count to start and careful counting in the repeats, you will be fine and I am here for questions of course.
    Claudia and I are immensely proud of this kit and it would fill me with joy if you were to make this Shawl.
    Big hugs and much love, Heike xx

  • It’s amazing, Heike, and I’m in love with both yarn and pattern. My knitting skills are very limited – do you think I’d be able to knit this?? Much love, Marianne xx