Hello friends from a very cold but beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada side. Having a most fabulous time meeting up with friends, first in Toronto (more of that next week), and today here in the Niagara region.

It’s been six years since I met Uylond in a beautiful Chateau in France. She was there with her best friend Susan on a knitting retreat, and I was one of the tutor’s. We stayed in touch and have become friends over the years, sharing our knitting and yarn adventures. Today we met again and Uylond took me to Jocelyn’s place called Stitch…I call it Paradise!


What an amazing place!!! A beautiful building inside and out with a heavenly selection of the most beautiful yarns, fabric and tools us creative souls could possibly want. All presented with extraordinary flair for styling and deco by Jocelyn. Beautiful wooden flooring, antique shelves and cupboards, as well as invitingly soft sofas to sit and flick through the latest books and magazines.

The jewel in the crown on this bitterly cold day (-18c) was the log fire at the back, where a table and chairs were just waiting for us to sit a while, drink tea and get our knitting out while catching up with all the news and enjoying each other’s company.


It felt like we had seen each other last week and time just flew by. Before we knew it our men arrived to take us to lunch. We agreed we won’t let another six years go by before seeing each other again as we enjoy spending time in each other’s company.


Some purchases may be coming home with me… how could I possibly resist!

Enjoy! X.


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  • How wonderful it was to meet again and spent the day together. Already looking forward to the next time my friend. xxx

  • Annette My Rose Valley

    How beautiful. What an amazing yarn place. I’m counting down the days now. Soon we will meet. Looking forward to it!

  • It was all wonderful Anne and we are coming back for sure, but maybe in the summer next time as these very cold temperatures where very hard on us. I loved Stitch and Jocelyn!

  • Thanks Rebecca, glad you enjoyed reading about my cold yarn adventures. It would have been very lovely if I could have taken the whole back wall home…not sure my other half would have liked it though! xx

  • Rebecca Anderson

    What a lovely post! And I totally misread your last comment as ‘some purchases that are coming home with me’ ie that whole wall behind you!!

  • Anne Featonby

    You are getting a taste of real Canadian weather! Isn’t Stitch wonderful?