Hello my lovelies how have you been? Good I hope and hopefully you have not been snowed in and wrapped up warm in winter woollens during these past very cold days (that’s for us on this side of planet earth).

Today I am exuberantly happy to be able to share my finished Spring Shawl with you. What do you think? I am just a little bit in love with it!

The shawl is light and fluffily cosy, adding just the perfect warmth to shoulders and neck. It is fairly long and not too wide so that it can be wrapped around the neck a couple of times, or comfortably around the shoulders. I have kept the style simple, adding just a little eyelet interest and a cute little picot cast off border. Another really important fact is that it doesn’t break the bank, I know how after Christmas we are all on a budget spending cut.

Next week I will publish the pattern here on the blog and the best news is…it will be absolutely free! Go and get your yarn ready by visiting the Deramores website (link on the left panel), you need 1 ball of Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour and 1 ball of Invicta Extra, and then make sure to come back here next Thursday for the pattern release.

See you then!


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  • Thank you very much for your kind words Monique and I hope that you will enjoy the pattern when it is released for free on Thursday. Kind wishes, Heike xx

  • Monique Koomans-de Hoon

    What a beautifull shawl! The colours are so bright, and work so well with the grey. Great pattern too! Thanks for sharing! X Monique

  • My dear Marianne,
    Thank you so much for you sweet words, as always I so appreciate you taking the time to write. Yes, this is a ver easy peasy pattern that even someone just staring out in knitting can master. I have add just enough interest with some simple yarn overs and a funky little edging to make it more interesting. As well as working commissions for Magazines and Yarn Companies, I love giving something back to this amazing community of like minded Yarny’s and free patterns is my way of doing so. It makes me very happy to see how much pleasure others have with these patterns.
    Much love, Heike xx

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous: I’m in love! Am I correct, Heike that this would be a pattern that a novice knitter like myself could master? I would really like to make one …… And aren’t you the very best for sharing a pattern with us for free once more – thank you for being so generous, sweetheart, I really appreciate your doing so! Love, Marianne xx

  • Thank you Monica, it’s very simple to make…hope you will treat yourself. xx

  • As always, thank you Robbie for your kind and complimentary comment. Always lovely to hear from you. xx

  • Thank you Sarah, it’s a very quick and simple design…I wanted the yarn to speak for itself really and also make sure that all abilities can accomplish this. Look forward to seeing which colour you choose xxx

  • Monica Gullesen Hansen

    I am in aw, totally love it!

  • Robbie

    You are a temptress Heike!! It is amazing…I love the color, very springy for sure! Awesome job!!

  • It’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m very tempted to make one, once I get to the end of the projects I’m working on xxx