Poncho Inspiration

image credit – google images

This week has been a bit of a bumper ride with some very low points. It has however not all been gloomy, and one of the definite up’s has been working with the lovely Scheepjeswol Luca yarn that I introduced you to last week.

Some of you may know that I have close family who lives all the way in Guatemala. Thinking of them and planning a trip out there made me look at photos of that country recently. It reminded me that, like Peru, Guatemala is a country alive with striking colours. Especially the ponchos are a feast for the eye, and this gave me an idea and ample inspiration for my Luca project.

Poncho Collage 1


The jewel colours lend themselves to some colour work, and after playing around with different ideas I have settled on a simple, yet striking slip stitch pattern.

This is the current state of play…


I am loving every minute of it and hopefully I will be ready to share a big TahDah moment with you next week.

Enjoy your weekend, and happy Sinterklaas – St. Nikolaus to all of you who celebrate.


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  • Thank you Marianne, for the compliment and well wishes. Going away with my man this weekend and just taking knitting/crochet and books for me and painting stuff for him, as well as some Champagne. Can’t wait…3 days of bliss. Happy Sinterklaas to you…much love, Heike xx

  • I love, love, love your current state of play, dearest Heike! The colors work so well together and the pattern/stitching is awesome too. Honestly looking forward to the ta-dah! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, with nothing but ups! Love, Marianne xx