1. …tractors working in the fields

2. …flowers from my own garden

3. …beach walks with the two men in my life

4. …swishing my hands through the high grass during early morning walks

5. …having breakfast outside

6. …beach huts – original oil painting by my hubby

7. …mandala crochet fun

What does summer mean to you? Anything special you like to do?

Enjoy! X.

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  • Jacky Russell

    Beautiful beach huts! – a lovely picture – x

  • It’s gone really chilly here overnight, only 17C here today and doesn’t feel like summer at all. Knitting and cups of tea today I think xx

  • What a lovely collection of stills. Love the beach hut painting, nice and cheerful. Its winter here for us so we’re cosying up with knitting and hot chocolates. Can’t wait for summer days again.

  • Thank you Robbie, as always lovely to read your comments and I will pass your compliment on to my husband xx

  • Robbie

    Always such lovely pictures. I love the beach huts. Your husband is very talented. What a lovely spot for breakfast. I think I would eat every meal right there.