You may or may not know this, but I am doing this amazing on-line course at the moment called





I have already learned quite a bit and have made a few changes (can you spot them?) and tweaked my ‘about me page. Every week Pip gives us an assignment (or two) to do, one of which was to take stock of what we are doing. Well, here goes:

Making:  Too many wip”s to mention

Cooking: Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Drinking: Coffee

Reading: Orhan Pamuk’s – Istanbul Memories and the City

Wanting: A VW Camper Van – so I could kit it out in crochet!

Looking: At stitch directories

Playing: Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world (my favourite song of all times)

Deciding: On next project

Wishing: For warm weather and sunshine

Enjoying: My family

Waiting: To hear about a design commission

Liking: Too many things to mention

Wondering: If I should change anything else on my blog

Loving: My family

Pondering: Over colour scheme for next project

Considering: A photographic course

Watching: 24 Live another day

Hoping: My girl will do well in her exams

Marvelling: At wizardry of photos taken by others on IG

Needing: Better sleep

Smelling: Rose Water

Wearing: Jeans and Jumper

Following: My Marrakesh

Noticing: The mess in my studio

Knowing: Tomorrow is another day

Thinking: About colour

Feeling: Happy

Admiring: Simple style

Sorting: My book stash

Buying: A Manual for my new camera

Getting: A friend to teach me some sewing

Bookmarking: All the other Pipster’s blogs

Disliking: Dark Chocolate and people who are always late

Opening: The manual for my camera…soon

Giggling: Over nothing

Feeling: A little unsure at times

Snacking: Chocolate biscuits

Coveting: Cabbages & Roses dresses

Wishing: For less violence in the world

Helping: My friend to knit her first pair of socks

Hearing: Birds singing in my garden

I really enjoyed doing this and might have to make this a quarterly feature on the blog. Still not sure about last weeks task of doing a podcast though, never been so keen on them, and hearing my own voice…I am not so sure I will like that. Might give it a miss!!!

What I have enjoyed a lot is making lots new blogging friends. Meeting new people this way, sharing the up’s and down’s during the course and giving each other support has been tremendous so far, and I am looking forward to the rest of the course.

I can’t wait to see what Pip has in store for us this week.

Why not have a go at stock taking yourself, you can always copy my list and see what you come up with.

Enjoy! X.


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  • Jenny Jones

    Yes I have. I am daisychain and look forward to crocheting along with you:)

  • Have you joined the group on Ravelry yet? I go and look for you and friend you if you have. xx

  • Jenny Jones

    It is very addictive. I did my first part last night and want to stay home and do more but I have to go to work! Tonight:)

  • Hi Zena, it’s summer here of course, not that you would have thought so this weekend. It’s been so cold I have had my fires lit, not the right weather for Cabbages and Roses dresses! xx

  • Hi Catherine, hope you have fun with the taking stock list. And hopefully see you over on Ravelry joining the cal group of Poppy and Bliss. xx

  • Hi Jenny, glad you like my list and I am sure you will enjoy the crochet along too xx

  • Hi Karen, I adore Cabbages and Roses dresses, when you wear one you feel like you have stepped back in time a bit. xx

  • That moroccan tagine sounds perfect for this cold season. I just love the dresses in Cabbage and Roses. Of course their not in Australia! Exquisite patterns btw.

  • Catherine

    I might use this “taking stock” list myself. What a great idea! I found the CAL and might join in later today when I have investigated my stash. Just returned from a weekend wedding and feeling too tired to sew so a bit of gentle crochet is just the thing

  • Jenny Jones

    greta list-I’m joining the crochet along-love that idea-thanks

  • Karen

    I like your list! How good are those Cabbages and Roses dresses – WANT! x

  • Hi Deb,
    Thanks for stopping by and reading my list. It’s raining again!!!, after such a lovely sunny start to the day I have the log burner on again, it’s so cold. I look forward to reading your list soon. xx

  • Hello Michelle, thank you for visiting, leaving a comment and complementing on my crochet.
    I am slowly getting around everyone’s blog…takes a while
    Hope to see you again xx

  • Michelle Collins

    Hi Heike, I’m a fellow BWP blogger and been trying to get around all the blogs. It’s nice to visit another crafter. Love your crochet, it beautiful.

  • So nice to know a bit more about you Heike. I love a good Moroccan tagine too. I’ll have to get started on this list as well. Fellow Pipster Deb xx