dear diary,


Out with the old and in with the new…a new year heralds a new beginning, and I am looking forward to lots more creatively colourful adventures in 2014. I hope you will join me!

Having been away over Christmas, there was a lot of catching up to do when I got home. You know…the boring stuff like washing and housework etc. On top of that my back has been playing up a little and this hampered the sprint to the finishing line for my ‘homely blanket’. I have not been able to crochet it all together, and the great ‘ta-dah’ moment will have to wait a little while longer…keep watching this space.

I managed to lay it all out roughly the way I think it will look when finished…

31 Dec 2013


…as you can see I will have to crochet some ‘fillers’ to make it even all around and I have still not decided on the border. I am however really happy with the way it is looking so far and in no particular rush to get it finished as ‘my girl’ is not leaving home for a while yet 🙂

So, that’s the old…how about the new!!!

Sometime in December one of my friends on Instagram had a great idea for a new crochet along. As my diary is already full with commissions, translations, workshop preparation, travel to venues, pattern creation and much more, I thought it would be lovely to join someone else’s idea for a change. The crochet along can be found on IG by #crochetmoodblanket2014, and so far there are some 470 people from about 25 plus countries taking part, there is even a FB page dedicated to it.

As I kept looking at everyone’s colour vis. mood selection photo’s popping up, I thought I’d better get myself organised. I made rough notes on colours and the moods they meant to me and here is the result…


Image from Google Images

I want my blanket to be 120cm x 200cm when finished, so I have decided to make 20cm x 20cm squares = 60 squares in total, roughly one square a week and some extra during the holidays. The centre of each square is one of the designs from my ‘homely blanket’ which I extend with extra rounds. My aim is to crochet together as I go, but I haven’t yet decided which colour I will use for this. My new year’s resolution is not to buy any yarn, unless it is for workshops or specific designs. This means I am using a mixture of yarns for this blanket, but mostly it will be Stylecraft Dk, as my stash of this is pretty large.

Today I made my first square…


…grey/aqua/jade – calm and serene!

Why not join in with this crochet along…such fun and not too ambitious even for the most novice of crocheter’s 🙂

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2014, full of inspiration and colour! x

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  • Jennifer

    I actually loved the idea of a Mood Blanket and started one on Jan. 1, 2014, after seeing the idea on another blog. I love your idea of two colors for a particular mood/state of mind. I think I will be modifying my colors/moods to incorporate this idea as well. Thank you! By the way, I also love the Homely Blanket, but I have two other afghans going right now and didn’t see it in time to start with you. But it’s on my list to do in 2014!! Jennifer

  • Heike

    Hi Gez,

    thank you for your kind comments about my homely blanket. You can find me on IG under madewithloops. Look forward to sseing your creations.

    Best wishes, Heike

  • Gez

    Happy New Year! I love your homely blanket, it’s something I was considering for my mood blanket so it was a great surprise to see yours.. it’s convinced me it’s what I’d like to do.. I’ve come over from the FB group, I am hoping to get a blog post up and running once I’ve made a start. Are you on Instagram? Thank you for sharing your gorgeous blanket and inspiration. Happy hooking, Gez