dear diary…

I am ready to go…my bag is packed,

workshop notes are printed and I am looking forward to a day teaching some eager “Loopers” the art of Tunesian crochet.

A day spend at beautiful Fibre & Clay in Knutsford doesn’t seem like any work at all…it’s far more like huge amounts of temptation and pleasure.

Filled with goegeous yarns, beautiful accessories and an absolute heavenly selection of buttons, I can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.

Let’s hope my students will have fun “looping” away making this…


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  • i really enjoyed reading this. thanks for the post.

  • Karen Jones

    Hi Heike, welcome back missed you

  • Heike love it really clean, where have you been missed you. xx

  • Ellen

    Du hattest sicher einen schoenen Tag! Hoffentlich schaffen wir einen Besuch bei Fibre & Clay, wenn wir bei euch sind!!
    Dein neuer Blog gefällt mir sehr gut :-))
    Liebe Grüße

  • I hope you’ve had a great weekend, Heike! I’m sure your students have.