dear diary,

Summer is here…the sky has been blue most of this week and temperatures have been slowly rising. Even here in North Wales we have 22C today…Yippee!!! and it’s suppose to last over the whole weekend and into next week.

What better time than to sit outside and work on your ‘homely blanket’ squares…

Quest Square 11

rico creative cotton aran – 4mm hook – 13 x 13cm


8ch, join with ss to form a ring.

Rnd 1: *6dtr, 3ch; rep. from 3 times, join with ss.

Rnd 2: *work cluster in 6dtr, 5ch, ss in 2nd of 3ch, 5ch; rep. from * 3 times, join with ss. Fasten off and join new colour on top of any cluster.

Rnd 3: *[3dtr, 1ch, 3dtr, 2ch, 3dtr, 1ch, 3dtr] in 3ch sp of rnd 1, ss on top of cluster; rep. from * 3 times, ss to join. Fasten off and join new colour in any ss on top of cluster.

Rnd 4: 6dtr in same sp, *[6dtr, 2ch, 6dtr] in next 2ch sp, **6dtrin ss on top of next cluster; rep. from * twice and from * to ** once more, join with ss. Fasten off and join new colour at same ss.

Rnd 5: *1dc in each of 6dtr, 1dc in ch sp between groups of 3dtr of rnd 3, 1dc in each of 6dtr, 3dc in corner; rep. from * 3 times, join with ss. Fasten off and join new colour at any st from prev. rnd.

Rnd 6: 3ch, work 1tr in each st around working 3tr in centre of corner dc’s, join with ss.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Note: Cluster explained – to work a 6dtr cluster: Yarn round hook twice, work the first stitch omitting the last stage to leave 2 loops on hook. Work next 5sts in same manner resulting in 7 loops on hook. Wrap yarn over hook and pull through all 7loops to finish the cluster.

Quest Square 11.1

svarta faret tilda – 3mm hook – 11 x 11cm


I am off to do prepare for a crochet workshop tomorrow. Wishing you all a lovely weekend full of hooky fun. xx

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  • Heike

    Hi Monica,

    welcome to the ‘homely blanket’ quest, it’s great to have you joining us. Here to answer your questions:

    1: Scroll down to the bottom of page where you can see ‘older articles’…by clicking here you can go through all the way to square number 1

    2: You can use any yarn you wish, when scrolling through older articles you will come across a page with general info and tips on this blanket

    I hope you have lots of fun and maybe this will re-kindle your love of crochet for the future.

    Best wishes and have a lovely day, Heike 🙂

  • Monica Larlham

    Please help- I am interested in starting the homely blanket. I have a few questions :
    1. Where do I find squares 1-12 , only managed to see squares 13 and above?
    2. Can you use any wool/ cotton.
    Love the idea of this blanket and learning different stitches at the same time. I have just retired and have rekindled my interest in crocheting.
    Looking forward to your reply.