dear diary,

this coming Saturday a few friends and I are embarking on our long awaited Colinette outing and I am looking forward to it very much indeed. What could possibly be better than spending a day in the company of like-minded yarn-obsessed friends visiting a place that can only be described as yarn heaven.

Knowing that it will be impossible for me to resist one or two purchases, I thought it might be a good idea to use the yarn from my last visit almost 3 years ago…

Yarn 1

colinette zanziba – colourway mist

…to finally make a cardigan inspired by a garment I saw during one of my visit’s to Germany.

Knit Notes 1

design notes for two way cardigan

This is basically a cardigan made up of three rectangular sections using two different stitch patterns which, when assembled, can be worn both way’s up. This means that the original collar can also become the lower back by wearing the cardigan the other way up. Confused?!? Here are some photos to help…

Two way Cardigan 1

first option with collar being collar

Two way Cardigan 2

first option with original lower back

…and now turn it upside down…

Two way Cardigan 3

second option with original lower back now as collar

Two way Cardigan 4

second option with original collar now as lower back

I am quietly chuffed that my idea, subsequent scribbles and math’s have worked. The two way up cardigan will have it’s first outing on Saturday to visit it’s place of birth in mid-wales. 🙂

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  • What a brilliant design idea! I’ve never made anything from Colinette wool and would love to do so. (Once I use up my wardrobe full of other wools, ha ha!) I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your weekend. x

  • Heike

    Thank you Julie, I have to say that I had my doubts this would work but have done a little jig to celebrate 🙂

    Studio is tidy when I take photos…can’t be said for other times!


  • Cardigan has worked brilliantly -well done you -isn’t it great when a plan come together ??? My credit card takes a severe bashing whenever I get to Colinette! Have a great time !
    PS How come your studio always looks so tidy ????? Mine always looks like World War 111 is happening !

  • Heike

    Thanks Ale, photos of visit to follow 🙂 xx

  • Have fun!!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale